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How To make mathematics your best subject

Mathematics is subject of figures and calculation. Nobody can survive peacefully in this would without the knowledge of mathematics as we all need it in our daily lives for business transactions, playing games etc. Mathematics is the easiest subject in the world because there is always one answer to any given question and also it is very possible to score 100% unlike in other subjects. It might also interest you to know that some people don’t know the answer to

200 + 200

but they do know the answer to

$200 + $200

. That’s just how mathematics is to most of those who say it’s difficult. In this post, I would be giving you 5 tips to assist you in your journey to making mathematics your best subject. They are:
PAY ATTENTION: Full attention is always required in learning mathematics. Mathematical problems are being solved in stages and the only way to easily remember them is to pay absolute attention whenever you are being taught. Paying attention is not just looking with your eyes, it’s all about consciously seeing with eyes and also hearing with your ears.

START FROM THE BASIC TOPICS: In solving most mathematical problems, you have to combine the knowledge of so many topics. These topics are always simplier and if you know them, things would be easier for you while taking on the complex ones. For example, in solving lattitude and longitude , you need the knowledge of figures, multiplication, division, trig ratio, angles etc. Jumping into complex topics, without the knowledge of the simplier ones might result in high fever. You’re not too big to learn BODMAS or any other basic topic.

READ MATHEMATICS: Did I just say read? Yes I did. By reading, I mean skimming through all the various processes and stages of solving a particular calculation from set examples. Reading{studying the processes} is always better than jumping into solving at once because it gives you a better understanding of the various stages and processes of solving that kind of mathematical problem.

CALCULATE/SOLVE: Many feel this is where the problem lies but it isn’t. If you can take care of the first 3 tips I gave, this would take care of itself.

PRACTISE: Constant practise, brings about perfection. In mathematics, a single question might be phrased in so many ways that can be confusing to anyone who doesn’t practise regularly. With constant practice, you will come across various patterns any mathematical problem is being phrased.

I hope these tips would do the magic for you. Please remember to drop you comments and also share with your friends that might need them. Thanks.

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