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How To Score Above 250 In JAMB

These days, it’s almost becoming a normal thing to beat JAMB’s cut off mark due to modern day technology that has been effectively utilised in examination malpractices. During my time, in a hall of about 50 pupils, I was the only one who didn’t make use of a cell phone for writing but at the end, I scored higher than most of them. Even if any of them scored higher than I did, that person might not be able to defend his or her result and even if they can, their conscience would always go against them because they know that their result is not a product of their own brains. It’s always better to write on your own because you would be able to predict your score just as I was able to do. In this post, I would be giving you a tactics that would help you prepare well for JAMB. I’m not just writing for writing sake, I’ve tried it and it worked for me so read and make sure you apply it.

I would be introducing a 5-month preparation plan. Each month would be for concentrating on a particular subject. In this post, I would be making use of the UTME subjects of a science student. I would be giving useful reasons for every decision taken so that you can easily modify this post to suit you needs based on the subjects you would be siting for.

1st MONTH: For those of you who have already taken SSCE before now, your brains must have gone on some kind of holiday and the best way to bring it back to duty, is by starting on a mild note with ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Your brains deserves to be treated with much respect so, don’t be so harsh on it by starting with subjects like mathematics, physics etc. Even if you haven’t taken SSCE{you’re are still in secondary school} it would help you get in the mood of JAMB

2nd MONTH: By now, your brain is still trying its best to get back to full functionality therefore, continue the rehab with another mild subject- BIOLOGY.

3rd MONTH: By this time, your brains must have gathered enough momentum to take on the demanding subjects. This is because your brain’s dormancy is now history. CHEMISTRY should come in.

4th MONTH: This month is for the hardest of them all. I placed PHYSICS here because I know most of you would always see physics as the most difficult subject and also, it involves more calculations than others.

5th MONTH: This month is for revising and correcting all the weaknesses you noticed in yourself in course of the first 4 months of preparation.

In my next post, I shall be telling you what to do in each month of preparation. Stay tuned.

Please comment how helpful this is to you and also share with your friends that would find them helpful.

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