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Monthly Preparation For JAMB

If you haven’t read my previous post- how to score above 250 in JAMB, please do so before reading this.

In this post, I shall be telling you how to make the most of each month of preparation which I suggested to you via my previous post.

In each month, there are 2 things you must do which are


answering past questions.

READING: While registering for JAMB, you would be given a syllabus which contains all the areas of concentration from which all JAMB questions would be gotten from. The syllabus would guide you on all the topics you need to concentrate on. If you can read for 3 hours daily, 15 days would be enough for you to cover up all the areas of concentration for a particular subject.

ANSWERING PAST QUESTIONS: This is very important as it helps you in

determining how much you know

improving your skills

determining your score.

You have to purchase the past questions and answers booklet for each subject you would be sitting for. In the booklet, there are over 30 sessions in it and as such, you might not be able to cover up all the sessions contained in the English Language version because they contain 100 questions each. Therefore I suggest that you answer the last 5 sessions and then pick any other 10 out of the rest.

For all other subjects, you should be able to answer 2 sessions per day as each session contains 50 questions each.

After each session , mark and revise the answers so that you won’t fail them when you come across them again. In some cases, answers provided in the booklet are wrong so, always confirm any suspicious answer with your textbook.

Don’t forget to jot down some important points that comes your way and also take note of those topics you feel you should know more about in order to concentrate on them in the 5th month of preparation.

Another important thing to do is to time yourself while answering past questions in order to improve on your speed.

How is this helpful to you? Please comment and also share with your friends that may need them. Thanks.

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