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Acronym For The First 20 Elements

In chemistry, the knowledge of the first 20 element is extremely important because without it, you won’t be able to understand some other important topics like empirical formula, mass-volume calculations, gas laws etc.

With the knowledge of the correct positioning of the first 20 elements, you can easily remember both their atomic and mass numbers.

There had been many acronyms which are being used by person which I’ve tried at one point or the other before I decided to devise my own version. Actually,

Before I did this I was always finding it difficult trying to figure out which comes first between beryllium and boron, silicon and sulphur, chlorine and calcium, phosphorus and potassium but now it no longer an issue. So, enjoy!

  • hydrogen~hydogen
  • helped ~helium
  • little~lithium
  • berylium
  • borrow~boron
  • carbon
  • nine~nitrogen
  • oxide~oxygen
  • from~fluorine
  • neon
  • Nata~sodium
  • margaret~magnesium
  • always~aluminium
  • steal~silicon
  • plantain~phosphorus:
  • sulphur
  • close~chlorine
  • all ~argon
  • kitchen~potassium
  • cupboard~calcium
  • I hope you like it. Please feel free to add your own version via the comment box.

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