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How To Set Goals

I want to become a doctor! Is that a goal or an ordinary statement?

Not all goals are goals as most of the goals people set do not carry the major characteristics of a goal. For your goals to attain a befitting structure, there are some aspects of goal setting that needs to be attended to and they’re

Everyone wants to make it in life and that’s a good one but I do not expect you to have that as your goal because there are so many ways with which one can make it. Being specific talks about narrowing down your goal to the least level attainable e.g if you’ve decided to make it in life as a doctor, you also need to specificy the kind of doctor you’re hoping to become…

TIMING: You want to become a surgeon? But when?

Timing is key to whatever thing we do as it always spurs us to work hard in order to keep up with time.

ADDING EXTENSIONS: By extensions, I mean you being able to point out the key areas you want to make your mark for example, providing the care for HIV.

PLAN: Just as we all know, if you do not plan, you plan to fail and failure you’d get. Always set strategies on how to achieve your goals.

WRITE IT DOWN: This has always been the most neglected aspect of goal setting despite being the most important of all the aspects involved. After writing, always make sure you keep reading it from time to time. When you keep-on reading your goals, you always get motivated to do more in order to achieve them when the time comes.

I hope those tips were helpful to you. Feel free to drop your comments and also remember to share this post with your friends. Thanks.

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