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5 Tips On How To Be The Best

Do you admire those ahead of you? Do you want to be like them or would you like to become better than they are? To be the best, you’ve got to be better than the best. You can’t just get there overnight. If it were so easy, we would’ve all been there. Becoming the best is a step by step process which I’m going to show you here. So what are the processes?

FACE REALITY: Most people are not really honest with themselves and that’s why they can never be honest with others. In whatever situation you find yourself. face the reality of it as the reality remains the beginning of your success but success is never achieved at the beginning. Facing reality is not self condemnation neither is it dreaming with limitations, it entails you knowing your current status, weaknesses, strengths, those ahead of you, your haves and have nots etc. The findings you make shouldn’t hurt you because they are not your end, they are mere bends.

DISCOVER YOUR SPIRITUALITY: You just finished facing reality now it’s time for spirituality.Bishop David Abioye said self discovery is the most important discovery because our discovery determines our display. He also said, If you do not have a backing, they will break your backbone. Facing reality is the humility which that gives you access to your real identity. Andy Stanley said something which sounded like this(paraphrase)- it’s dangerous to think of yourself more highly than you are but it’s more dangerous to think less of yourself than God does. Another wise man also said, the most dangerous man in the world is a mountain man with a valley mentality. All I’m saying, is believe that with God, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

KNOW MORE: This is where the actual journey begins. It’s a journey into a whole new world that’s why you had to process your identity card earlier. They say knowledge is power which is to say your placement and status today is a function of what you know. The only way to be better than the best is to know more than he knows so go for know because it is what you know that makes you a show.

DO MORE/TALK LESS: A boaster will always amount to nothing. Do not speak about your abilities but let your abilities speak about you. Those who talk too much hardly succeed because they always leak out the little they know hence it’s been said, empty vessels make the loudest noise.

FACE CHALLENGES: All tests are stepping stones and without tests, there can never be a testimony. To be the best, you have to beat the best but you can never achieve conquest until you come out of your nest to test yourself against the best.

In conclusion, we all came into the world with equal capacities and resources but your present state is as a result of what you did with your yesterday and your tomorrow will result out of what you do today. You can be No. 1 tomorrow and You will be No. 1 tomorrow is you make the right moves today.

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How To End Your Year On a High Note

Your position at the end of a race or a journey is what determines whether it was a success or not. Starting the year on a low ebb is permitted but in finishing, you ought to finish strong. You don’t wanna look back and say- “had I known”.

The end of the year is normally associated with lots of financial favours, bonuses and the likes and I want to use this post to suggest how you can make the most of all your income this season and make the year a memorable one. So what are those things?

A life without debts is a life without fear or hypertension. Whenever you’re indebted, you lose you peace, freedom and dignity. I believe nothing will make you happier this season than clearing all your debt load. Even if you can’t clear it up, try to slash the magnitude.

Not just any trip but a special one where you can make new friends, take photos, learn something new… preferably in an exotic location.

Have you ever thought of creating a special event that you would live to remember? Okay let me give you ideas- your first date, your first flight, your first cruise…

The happiest days of my life or should I say the happy days of my life are those spent with my immediate family. No matter how difficult your family might be, they can never be more difficult than anywhere else. Spending quality time with YOUR FAMILY at the end of the year is something to look forward to and it will be more fun if you can bring back the memories of the good times you had with them at your prime. MAKE OTHERS HAPPY: Whatever you do for yourself dies with you but what you do for others lives on after you. In the midst of the fun that the season offers, always remember that there is some hearts out there that need to be touched, some bodies that need clothing, some stomachs also needs to be fed. You can always be useful to others and also note that there is joy in creating joy. If you still think making other people can’t add anything to you, it’s because you’ve never put a smile on someone’s face.

I don’t really buy the idea of buying here and there. It’s so childish! What’s that thing you’ve always wanted, hoped, prayed or begged for? Something that will shapen your life, ease all your struggles, last a lifetime with your heart… Go get it now.

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5 Dumb Christmas Mistakes To Avoid

Everywhere, everybody, and every scent just got smelling like christmas and I know you’re really enjoying the entire fun and excitement. Merry Christmas!

I just wonder if you have ever looked back and remembered any little mistake you’ve done in past that turned your christmas celebration into nightmares? Learning through experience remains the most expensive way of learning and that’s why I’ve come up with this post to expose to you some nasty stuff that could spoil the memory of the whole season for you. Here are they:

Being fearless when it comes to cooking is not a bad idea but I don’t think it’s safe for your bravery to show up during season because when it happens there might be little or nothing you can do about it. I don’t know what to call a christmas without good food. Christmas shouldn’t be the time for try out new recipes. Please do everything the way you know to do it and after the season, you can be the brave cook you’ve always dreamed to be.

If there is anyday everybody wants to make longer, it has to be christmas but getting yourself drunk is the easiest way of shortening it. You might just wake up a day after christmas or new year day to find out that your celebration lasted for just two hours. And what about the things you did and the ones you said in your drunk state? How shameful!

Even a mad man knows what fire is hence he doesn’t go close to it. Fireworks can kill, destroy and burn up your properties so handle with care. Once upon a time at xmas, a guy lit a banger in his mouth in the mode of a cigarette. Everyone watched him nervously as he allowed the whole thing blow off and he had a lot of thumbs up for it. Okay. A guy nearby tried to do it too but it took only the first bang to destroy all his…
The spirit of christmas makes everything beautiful but that doesn’t mean you should buy everything you see. While shopping this season, please think beyond it- all the lights, flowers, trees, do you really need them? You don’t want to finish shopping and become broke during the celebration or in the new year ahead. I personally rate my christmas success level based on the amount I am able to save.

For your clothing, buy quality instead of quantity. Be uniquely different. Don’t buy clothes en vogue before you find yourself wearing what every other person is wearing. Just try to imagine a situation where you with all your swag and seething, walk into a five year old putting on the clothes as you’re while running and jumping after santa or a very big masquerade along the streets of Nigeria. #goBackHomeAndChange
We all know christmas is a day everyone is expected to look good, beautiful, well dressed and watched up at limehouse reach so I’m not going to be dwelling on that but I want to share with you a dumb mistake my sister made some years ago. She just returned from her christmas outing that evening supposedly her best ever and she shared her experiences with us happily with so great enthusiasm but it all died down the next morning after making a shocking discovery. Could you believe this girl wore her new dress out without detaching the label?

Have you ever made a mistake that took the light of your celebration? Please do well to share them via the comment box. Your contributions, views and comments are welcome. Please share and help someone avoid making a disastrous mistake.THANKS


I did swim to the heights of the highest peak,
Even upon the deepest see I walked,
And with a keen eagled-eye strength I toil,
Searching every rose upon the field,
Being attentive to her soothing squeak,
With a gloomy face wait I to be called,
-Out even by those who call me beloved,
Yet the future I see, looking so bleak,

But in her presence is that pushy smile,
So known! for she is always loud,

Energetic! how good for the weak,
Determined! Yes: I must go extra miles,
Recognizing her, not hard cos if found…,
Out and wide joyfulness will always speak.