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5 Dumb Christmas Mistakes To Avoid

Everywhere, everybody, and every scent just got smelling like christmas and I know you’re really enjoying the entire fun and excitement. Merry Christmas!

I just wonder if you have ever looked back and remembered any little mistake you’ve done in past that turned your christmas celebration into nightmares? Learning through experience remains the most expensive way of learning and that’s why I’ve come up with this post to expose to you some nasty stuff that could spoil the memory of the whole season for you. Here are they:

Being fearless when it comes to cooking is not a bad idea but I don’t think it’s safe for your bravery to show up during season because when it happens there might be little or nothing you can do about it. I don’t know what to call a christmas without good food. Christmas shouldn’t be the time for try out new recipes. Please do everything the way you know to do it and after the season, you can be the brave cook you’ve always dreamed to be.

If there is anyday everybody wants to make longer, it has to be christmas but getting yourself drunk is the easiest way of shortening it. You might just wake up a day after christmas or new year day to find out that your celebration lasted for just two hours. And what about the things you did and the ones you said in your drunk state? How shameful!

Even a mad man knows what fire is hence he doesn’t go close to it. Fireworks can kill, destroy and burn up your properties so handle with care. Once upon a time at xmas, a guy lit a banger in his mouth in the mode of a cigarette. Everyone watched him nervously as he allowed the whole thing blow off and he had a lot of thumbs up for it. Okay. A guy nearby tried to do it too but it took only the first bang to destroy all his…
The spirit of christmas makes everything beautiful but that doesn’t mean you should buy everything you see. While shopping this season, please think beyond it- all the lights, flowers, trees, do you really need them? You don’t want to finish shopping and become broke during the celebration or in the new year ahead. I personally rate my christmas success level based on the amount I am able to save.

For your clothing, buy quality instead of quantity. Be uniquely different. Don’t buy clothes en vogue before you find yourself wearing what every other person is wearing. Just try to imagine a situation where you with all your swag and seething, walk into a five year old putting on the clothes as you’re while running and jumping after santa or a very big masquerade along the streets of Nigeria. #goBackHomeAndChange
We all know christmas is a day everyone is expected to look good, beautiful, well dressed and watched up at limehouse reach so I’m not going to be dwelling on that but I want to share with you a dumb mistake my sister made some years ago. She just returned from her christmas outing that evening supposedly her best ever and she shared her experiences with us happily with so great enthusiasm but it all died down the next morning after making a shocking discovery. Could you believe this girl wore her new dress out without detaching the label?

Have you ever made a mistake that took the light of your celebration? Please do well to share them via the comment box. Your contributions, views and comments are welcome. Please share and help someone avoid making a disastrous mistake.THANKS

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