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How To End Your Year On a High Note

Your position at the end of a race or a journey is what determines whether it was a success or not. Starting the year on a low ebb is permitted but in finishing, you ought to finish strong. You don’t wanna look back and say- “had I known”.

The end of the year is normally associated with lots of financial favours, bonuses and the likes and I want to use this post to suggest how you can make the most of all your income this season and make the year a memorable one. So what are those things?

A life without debts is a life without fear or hypertension. Whenever you’re indebted, you lose you peace, freedom and dignity. I believe nothing will make you happier this season than clearing all your debt load. Even if you can’t clear it up, try to slash the magnitude.

Not just any trip but a special one where you can make new friends, take photos, learn something new… preferably in an exotic location.

Have you ever thought of creating a special event that you would live to remember? Okay let me give you ideas- your first date, your first flight, your first cruise…

The happiest days of my life or should I say the happy days of my life are those spent with my immediate family. No matter how difficult your family might be, they can never be more difficult than anywhere else. Spending quality time with YOUR FAMILY at the end of the year is something to look forward to and it will be more fun if you can bring back the memories of the good times you had with them at your prime. MAKE OTHERS HAPPY: Whatever you do for yourself dies with you but what you do for others lives on after you. In the midst of the fun that the season offers, always remember that there is some hearts out there that need to be touched, some bodies that need clothing, some stomachs also needs to be fed. You can always be useful to others and also note that there is joy in creating joy. If you still think making other people can’t add anything to you, it’s because you’ve never put a smile on someone’s face.

I don’t really buy the idea of buying here and there. It’s so childish! What’s that thing you’ve always wanted, hoped, prayed or begged for? Something that will shapen your life, ease all your struggles, last a lifetime with your heart… Go get it now.

I believe this post has been helpful to you, your contributions, comments and questions are highly welcome. Please share with your friends.THANK YOU

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