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What Makes You You? Scars or wounds?

images-13Watching an animated movie yesterday, the thought shone on me after an unexpected discussion spilled off in the movie. Come on, let’s have it here.

Wounds can be physical or emotional, so also can scars.

Wounds are painful so are scars too.

Nobody wants to be wounded and also no one wants to be scard.

The wounded seek deliverance so does the scard.

Although many similarities does occur, I tried to figure out the difference between a scar and a wound and I got these:

Scars are darker than wounds.

It takes the scard to choose whether to cry pains or not but the wounded have no choice to choose.

I also noticed that the scard fly while the wounded cry.

The scard walk in inner peace but the wounded only enjoy the cold peace of pain.

The scard are not afraid of being scard but the wounded float in the fear of being wounded once again cos the scard are as bold enough to retake it just as the wounded are afraid of refacing it.

Scars are real, wounds are not always what they are.

Scars can choose not to change their identity, wounds do not choose, they change over time.

Wounds are deep cuts but scars are deeper cuts.

Scars last forever, wounds only last.

Scars never heal, wounds are always sealed.

Scars are in the past, but wounds abound afresh.

…the list goes on never wanting to end near but back to the question, what makes you you? Fresh hot wounds or past scars?

It is never worth it when people fight to take control of the present and future neglect the realities of the past claiming that we cannot take control of the past. As good as that may sound, listen! your past is already in control of your today. You might object but think of these- your confidence level, know-how, believes, size, emotional strength… what shaped them?

Scars never bleed but they issue from bleeding wounds.

If you neglect your scars today be ready to get wounds that might never become scars.

What makes you who you are is what you have inside of you and not your outward appearance.

Your countenance is trash. It’s your content that catches my fancy.

The you in you today came-by from the scars on you.

It takes a scar to be a star.

Don’t ever blame yourself for what you are today, cos if there is any reason to blame your state on someone or something, then you must have a scar. Take that scar with a right handed grip and tweak yourself into the star you ought to be.

Never get yourself wounded because it might spoil your looks but if you ever get wounded, be ready to bleed enough in order to get a scar that’s capable of transforming you into a star.

Use the scars on you to know who you truly are, what you are and where you are knowing fully well that you can go to wherever you want to get to from anywhere you are but if you do not know where you are, how can you tell whether your destiny is southward, forward or rightward?

Heal your wounds because they can seal your fate, read your stars and they will lead you and show off your scar for they are you.

Thanks for reading. Share!

A Today I Never Saw Coming

images-14Growing up was tough and also sweet cos I never really realise how tough it was. Although, seldomly noticing all the abnormalities but despising all of my every care just like I cared not.

I saw a bold future but I was always afraid of being it. I saw a bright future even as I saw some of my days get brighter out of it’s bleak zone.

I never really knew where I needed to go, hence virtually every one place I got looked like it.

Today, I see I never saw clearly and even for what I see now, I think I can see more.

A big decision I make now to always abide by as I fight to dream right and get enlightened for my dreams to see the light of day. Futures Past

Is Chelsea Now An Academy?

download-12Morino: I think my team have all it takes to win the league.

Arsen Wenga: From the way we played last season I am very much convinced that we can challenge for the league.

Morino: I hate it when people say and think of things they know is not possible. How do you win the league when you don’t buy players?

Arsen Wenga: When most people don’t talk they tend to develop mouth odour. So, I wouldn’t want to blame anybody who says that I don’t sign players. I don’t only sign players but I do sign world class players.

Morino: Oh! Do you mean world class players from world class academies?

Arsen Wenga: Yes of course. Including Peter Cech- a world class player from a world class academy.


It’s Summertime

Sunny noons,
Flapping leaves,
Singing birds.
All lovely tunes.

Sandy beach,
crowded pools,
feeling cool
with frozen fish.

Soothing wind,
shiny cloud,
laughing loud
with a merry mind.

Wearing lace,
juggling balls,
walking tall
with a smiling face.

Eating fruits,
puffing puffs,
cooling off
with icy juice.

Blooming rose.
Speaking prose.,
telling trends
with happy friends.

Making rhymes
that won’t grow old.
No more snow
cos it’s summertime.

10 Things Everyone Should Learn From Nigerian Politicians

Nigerian politicians are very inspiring and this makes them good role models but most persons would love to deny this fact and concentrate solely on their bad side which is mainly because all they want is to see them fail. In this post, I’m going to be sharing some of the qualities of a typical Nigerian politician that any wise motivational speaker would urge you to possess in order to achieve success in life. They are:

OPTIMISM: I was taken aback in the previous election held when I noticed that those who contested for the presidency was over thirty in number and most of them could not even poll up to five thousand votes nationwide. Interestingly, before the election one of the candidates that fell into this category was asked- “do you see yourself winning?” His reply was a bold yes and I was force to consider him to be a force to reckon with. Although he never won but the confidence level was something else. Optimism is expecting a bigger miracle in the face of a big obstacle.

SENSITIVITY: Nigeria politicians do not need proofs to believe whatever they think because the just know it but just wait for them to go and get proofs. Sensitivity needs no proofs before believing, it believes before proving.

PERSISTENCE: I love this one so much cos we see so many politicians coming back to re-contest again and again despite all their previous failures. Success will always come to ex-failures who decided not to quit.

IMPORTUNITY: This is very much connected to their persistent nature and it happens to be the main reason why the court of appeals happen to declare the winners of over 99.9% of all the electoral positions. In fact, the opposition on the losing side must go to court. Yes.Quiters don’t win and winners quit only after winning.

STRONG: To be a politician in Nigeria, you must be ready to be criticized, insulted, envied, attacked etc. Only the strong can struggle, the weak get strangled.

REALISTIC: Most persons do not like facing reality when it matters most but Nigerian politicians would always set up a committee to look into the problem at hand before saying, “let’s go back to the drawing board”.With detailed facts, you prevail but without details, you remain detained in your travail.

HOPE RAISERS: The only reason why people commit suicide is hopelessness. With Nigerian politicians, be sure of a reduction in suicidal rate because they can take your hopes over the moon with euphony by promising a future flowing with milk and honey. The gift of hope is the strength to cope.

VOCAL AND LOUD: Argument and war of words forms the order of the day in Nigeria’s polity. Hence black can be yellow at any point. Voicelessness is choicelessness. If you can’t talk your way out, you will be worked out.

EVERYTHING COUNTS ATTITUDE: This is bad but good too. No matter how small a contract or an opportunity might be a Nigerian politician won’t let go. Every small addition is more.

HUMBLE: Those guys are extremely humble no wonder they can run, re-run, return, run again and re-run again for a particular position without saying, “Hey, I’m bigger than that position, I’ve been there twice”. At times, they go as far as contesting for less prestigious positions.The lowly can never be lowered, they can only be hired.

I just have to end here, but believe me, there are more qualities you can be copied [positively] from Nigerian politicians for your own good.

Out of All listed, please comment one that makes the most sense to you. Please share. Thanks