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Is Chelsea Now An Academy?

download-12Morino: I think my team have all it takes to win the league.

Arsen Wenga: From the way we played last season I am very much convinced that we can challenge for the league.

Morino: I hate it when people say and think of things they know is not possible. How do you win the league when you don’t buy players?

Arsen Wenga: When most people don’t talk they tend to develop mouth odour. So, I wouldn’t want to blame anybody who says that I don’t sign players. I don’t only sign players but I do sign world class players.

Morino: Oh! Do you mean world class players from world class academies?

Arsen Wenga: Yes of course. Including Peter Cech- a world class player from a world class academy.


It’s Summertime

Sunny noons,
Flapping leaves,
Singing birds.
All lovely tunes.

Sandy beach,
crowded pools,
feeling cool
with frozen fish.

Soothing wind,
shiny cloud,
laughing loud
with a merry mind.

Wearing lace,
juggling balls,
walking tall
with a smiling face.

Eating fruits,
puffing puffs,
cooling off
with icy juice.

Blooming rose.
Speaking prose.,
telling trends
with happy friends.

Making rhymes
that won’t grow old.
No more snow
cos it’s summertime.