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Is Chelsea Now An Academy?

download-12Morino: I think my team have all it takes to win the league.

Arsen Wenga: From the way we played last season I am very much convinced that we can challenge for the league.

Morino: I hate it when people say and think of things they know is not possible. How do you win the league when you don’t buy players?

Arsen Wenga: When most people don’t talk they tend to develop mouth odour. So, I wouldn’t want to blame anybody who says that I don’t sign players. I don’t only sign players but I do sign world class players.

Morino: Oh! Do you mean world class players from world class academies?

Arsen Wenga: Yes of course. Including Peter Cech- a world class player from a world class academy.



  1. Danial says:

    It is wonderful for vertical jumps and explosive sports such as sprinting.


  2. david8orl3 says:

    Their relationship is complicated and sometimes subtle, changing the typical “will they…


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