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It’s Summertime

Sunny noons,
Flapping leaves,
Singing birds.
All lovely tunes.

Sandy beach,
crowded pools,
feeling cool
with frozen fish.

Soothing wind,
shiny cloud,
laughing loud
with a merry mind.

Wearing lace,
juggling balls,
walking tall
with a smiling face.

Eating fruits,
puffing puffs,
cooling off
with icy juice.

Blooming rose.
Speaking prose.,
telling trends
with happy friends.

Making rhymes
that won’t grow old.
No more snow
cos it’s summertime.

Who As A Vampire?

A vampire is a liar with the desire to rule an entire empire with

  • barbwires,
  • gunfires without ceasefire
  • and the required attire to be admired by other esquires except those that conspire with hellfire

    cause bushfires to graduate into wildfires and

    refuse to retire even when they get tired.
    All their desires will entirely
    backfire as they continue to hire

  • partial,
  • expired and
  • uninspired umpires. They would all perspire as if they are in fire until they can’t respire.

    It sounds weird but it has a meaning. Please drop whatever message you got from the short rhyme. You can also construct yours and drop it in the comment box.

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