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How To Read And Understand Textbooks

As a matter of fact, textbooks are essential for learning and this makes it extremely necessary for all students to make use of them. Textbooks are always voluminous and as such most students always try their best to avoid them. In reading textbooks, a lot of determination is needed but most times, student’s determination usually get tarnished by their inability to understand especially when they are reading a new topic they haven’t been introduced to by anyone. In this post, I shall be giving you 5 tips that would help you read and understand textbooks. They are:
READ THE RIGHT TEXTBOOKS: Whenever you read the wrong textbook, it will always be difficult for you to understand it. Making the right choice of textbook, is always a very tricky and difficult task to take on. I used to have classmates who always buy big and colourful textbook not for reading sake but for the sake of display. At the end, they start complaining of how difficult it is to understand them. Always try not to make any mistake in getting the right textbooks because it will hurt you more than you think.

KNOW WHAT TO READ FOR: Once upon a time, I tried memorizing the boiling and melting points of all metals. I tried my best but my best wasn’t good enough until I realized that they were not important to me. This happens to many students as they waste most of their time on irrelevant things. To avoid this, I suggest you make use of a current syllabus if you’re preparing for any external exam or ask you teachers for guidance.

DO NOT RUSH: In reading textbooks, it is not how far but how well. It’s always better not to read at all than to read without understanding. Always read at an optimum speed in order to understand more.

READ THROUGH A TEXTBOOK CONSECUTIVELY: I’ve tried reading my textbooks in a ‘once in a while method’ and also ‘consecutively’ and I noticed that I usually understand more when I read consecutively and that’s why I always prefer reading textbooks during the holidays so that I can concentrate fully on them.

JOT: Whenever you read textbooks, you need to jot down some important facts and formulae that comes your way so that you can easily get them to read again in order to understand more. While jotting, you don’t have to turn your jotter into a note by jot down things like advantages, disadvantages, reasons etc. Only jot down difficult definitions, terms, formulae and the like.

I hope this would be helpful to you. Please drop your comments and tell me what you feel about this post. Also remember to share with your friends so that they can benefit too. Thanks.